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Kori Rodley for Springfield City Council

"Now more than ever, we need qualified leaders in Springfield to help

lead us through times of crisis. I have the experience necessary to create innovative solutions and bring people together. A vote for me will mean prioritizing the values that Springfield residents hold dear — family, hard work, and strong communities." -Kori Rodley

I believe we need to invest in...

Livable Neighborhoods & Strong Communities


Whatever the size or style of our home, we all want safe neighborhoods with supportive community services including access to food, medical care, and safe ways to get where we need to go. We need to know that public safety, as well as fire and ambulance services are readily-available should we or any of our neighbors need support. 

When I came to Springfield, I fell in love with my neighborhood’s wide streets, well-laid sidewalks, nearby parks, and the array of different folks who live in our neighborhood--from young families with children riding their bikes to elder neighbors checking in on stray cats. My work on City of Springfield Budget Committee has given me a first-hand opportunity to get to know the public safety, fire, and ambulance departments and meet many of the dedicated people delivering these important services, as well as learn the process for prioritizing, funding and delivering service. As past Chair of the Equity and Access Advisory Board of Lane County, I’ve worked to create and maintain fairness and access for county-wide services including evaluating any barriers or biases to people accessing health and human services, public safety, and emergency management.

Affordable, Available Housing


People want to live and work in Springfield. With our growing businesses and friendly, diverse and walkable neighborhoods, along with committed public schools, Springfield is a hometown of choice for people of all ages and backgrounds. Unfortunately, we have not invested enough in supporting affordable home ownership, encouraging first-time home buyers, and keeping housing affordable for long-time residents.

I believe no one should be shut out of our city by over-priced housing. My work with Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) has taught me the value of creative problem-solving and supporting innovative partnerships in planning and building. We need to make development affordable and accessible.



Safe roads, upkeep of sidewalks and paths, efficient buses and other transportation options, and making sure the lifelines in our city keep up with development and growth are important. As Springfield moves toward a prosperous future, we should all experience improved infrastructure as we take our kids to school, get ourselves to work, and enjoy the parks and open spaces we love.

I am committed to working to bring fairness and focus as we prioritize need in our city’s development efforts. My work on both the City of Springfield Budget Committee and the Springfield Utility Board (SUB) Budget Committee has given me a broad understanding of the importance of prioritizing and funding our ability to move around Springfield safely, as well as care for our resources.

Supporting Small Businesses & Creating Family Wage Jobs

A healthy business community means a strong Springfield. Small businesses bring innovation and provide much-needed family wage jobs to our communities. We need more home-grown employers--supporting start-ups and family businesses, and we need to encourage women and minority-owned businesses, as well as those delving into new industries--and we need to move away from temporary, minimum wage, entry-level employers. 

I believe we need businesses and employers who are going to invest in Springfield for the long haul--not dip into our pool of talented workers only to leave the community and families in precarious situations. As president of the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce board of directors, I work to encourage, support, and value businesses and community-based nonprofits--recognizing the need to both attract new, stable employers and strengthen those whose roots are deep in our communities. As a nonprofit executive, I know first-hand the importance of creating good, well-paying jobs and supporting employees who bring their talent and dedication to a job well done.


Moving Springfield Forward!

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